Friday, February 3, 2012

Dream On, Dream Away

Blogging is not something I've ever considered doing before about three weeks ago.  I mean, I like attention, but for some reason the idea of sharing my words in such a public manner was pretty daunting.  But with my Lady Friend leaving the country for a while, I decided I needed to find something to fill the hours other than slaying dragons and...well, eating meat or meat-like products.

So here I am.

I've decided to make my first post one about dreams.  Not dreams like goals or wishes for the future, but dreams that come in the dark of night, the nap on the couch, or the tipped back chair at work when your supervisor isn't looking.  The ones in which anything goes and the sky is the limit...or not.

After waking, I don't remember many of my dreams, mostly just bits and pieces of scattered brain junk.  But some of those pieces have stuck with me for years.  When I was a kid, I remember having a nightmare about a rodeo.  I was in a darkened, greenish stadium.  There was no audience, just me and this enormous black bull with fiery red eyes.  Most of my dreams are in 1st person POV and this was no different.  I don't remember anything other than the bull staring at me and steam coming from his nostrils as my scent filled his hostile lungs.  Not sure what came of that tense standoff, but Dream Me made it out to other things, so I guess all was not lost.  By the by, the bull was probably due to a recent viewing of The Last Unicorn.  (NAME DROP!!!)

Another nightmare I had was after watching Mars Attacks! at my cousin's house.  But that was due less to the movie and more to the fact that my 11 year-old stomach couldn't handle ketchup on pizza.

As I've grown, my dreams have become no less weird than as a kid.  I've had dreams about lighting polar bears on fire with dung in my uncle's barn.  In another, I fought off two attacking Scuba Steve's who rode in on bicycles, harpoon guns firing.  One was from the point of view of a spirit wolf who had possessed me and was using me to wreak havoc on a neighbor.  In yet another, I was in some alternate realm with an army of bipedal rabbits.  We were using their advanced energy-weapon technology to stave off an invading penguin army.  There may have been a troll in there too, but I can't be certain.

Anyway, the point is that a wise professor once told me that all the elements of a dream are really about me. They're pretty good at disguising what they actually mean, but it's there if I care to look hard enough.  In looking back at my previous paragraph about my old dreams, it makes me wonder what part of me is represented by a bipedal, laser-wielding rabbit.

I'm going to attempt to keep a dream journal to chronicle my journeys through the mists of my sleeping mind.  And explain that rabbit thing.

Keep on with your birthday party folks.

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